£10 Million Is Accessed Every Day Through Equity Release

A recent report by the Equity Release Council has shown that within the last quarter, homeowners have been withdrawing around £10 million a day through equity release. It’s a well-known fact that many people are finding it hard to live on their incomes here in the UK, but since 2016, the amount of property wealth… Read More

Is Equity Release Right for You?

In the UK, it’s easy to see that there are many people struggling to get by caused by various financial pressures in today’s society. With inflation and dwindling incomes, many find themselves scrimping and saving much more than they expected to – especially those who are of retirement age. This is why equity release is… Read More

The Which Equity Release Jargon Buster & Glossary

Deciding to pursue releasing equity from your home is a big decision, and one that we believe should be as informed as possible. There’s a lot of confusing industry jargon out there, which can be difficult to wrap your head around. To help you out, we’ve put together a helpful jargon buster so you exactly… Read More

5 Ways Equity Release Can Help You To Overcome Retirement Hurdles

It’s of little surprise the Equity Release Council announced it is expecting at least £2 billion in released equity by the end of 2016. In the first half of the year, some £908 million was released by over 55s. This is an increase of £198 million on 2015. The popularity of these schemes shows no… Read More

Equity Release Industry Growth Offers Customers Record Interest Rate Lows

As equity release rates continue to tumble quarter by quarter, schemes are becoming more affordable for over 55s. Recent figures show the leading interest rates on some lifetime mortgages are less than average variable rates you’ll find on traditional mortgages. Additionally, it’s been reported equity release lending growth has reached a 10 year high, with… Read More

Equity Release Heading Towards a Record 2016

Rapid growth in the equity release market has been predicted by Lloyds Bank’s Managing Director Mike Jones, who told the FTAdviser mortgage lenders are adapting to the dramatic upheaval in borrowers’ circumstances. A number of issues, but primarily post-recession financial difficulties, Brexit concerns, and longer lifespans have led to an influx in equity release borrowers…. Read More

Equity Release Post-Brexit: Lender Rates Fall Below 5%

In the aftermath of the EU referendum, many over 55s may be concerned as to whether equity release remains a viable option. The news from the industry, lead by the Equity Release Council, is that equity release has been unaffected, instead continuing to break records as retirees release equity from their homes. Interest rates are… Read More

How Equity Release Could Secure You a More Comfortable Retirement

Industry figures from the first three months of 2016 detail how homeowners unlocked some £329.9 million from their properties with equity release. The average amount borrowed was  £76,000. The news highlights the ever growing popularity of releasing equity and how it can provide a more comfortable retirement for plan holders. The Equity Release Council, who… Read More

The Top 5 Reasons to Release Equity

Equity release has become increasingly popular in the retirement market over the last few years. With more and more over 55s unlocking wealth from their homes, and the Equity Release Council announcing continuous industry records per quarter, it’s surprising there are still many retirees who are unsure about whether they should turn to equity release… Read More

How You Can Clear An Interest-Only Mortgage With Equity Release

Borrowers are finding it increasingly difficult to pay off interest-only mortgages as loan lenders consider them to be too old. This is leading to frustration amongst pensioners as an inability to extend mortgages or remortgage blocks retirement plans and leads to unwanted stress. If you currently have an interest-only mortgage and capital repayment is due… Read More